Wondering if acupuncture is right for you?

Suddenly, you love running.

Covid has taught many of us that even when the world is mostly temporarily closed, we still need to get exercise. People out there running and families riding bikes together warms my heart. I know this is a small fraction of everyone who is sheltering at home, but I find it really inspiring.

That said, running can be hard on the body and maybe you’ve had some ankle, foot, or leg pain crop up since you’ve decided to make running a big part of your active life. Any activity we start later in life can come as a shock to the body. Come in for acupuncture and a discussion about the mechanics of activity. While I can probably treat your pain effectively and efficiently, I also know many other specialists to whom I can refer you if necessary.

If you feel it, it's real.

I don’t have to give a lump, bump, or ache a disease name to treat it and to help you.

If I can’t help you, I will help find someone who can.

Acupuncture does not treat all conditions, and if you need to see your family doctor, I will tell you.

If you can’t afford treatment, I will work with you to find a solution or another practitioner.

Meet Your Acupuncturist

Hi, I'm Jane!

My diverse background performing as a professional musician and studying business (MBA and Master of Science degrees) before becoming an RAc has taught me to work with people of all backgrounds.

I can explain acupuncture to both the medical professional and the medical layperson, and love hearing life stories about my clients who also come from diverse backgrounds.

I also cultivated a love of mountain biking whilst touring and adventuring all over North America. While I know cycling is not for everyone, I’ve noticed there are plenty others who also choose to lead an active life after childhood, and many of them need support to stay healthy and happy as their bodies age.

Whether it’s a serious injury or chronic pain from repetitive motion, people who stay active late in life often need someone to help keep them capable and out there.

Everyone, yes everyone… you, me, your neighbor, partner, kids, manager, uber driver… is dealing with something.

It can be a conversation’s end that didn’t go as you hoped it would, learning that someone you love is sick, or your inability to get a decent night’s sleep.

Emotions, both expressed and unexpressed, play a huge role in disease development. You may be trying to ‘keep the peace’ with people in your home, but that often means that unexpressed frustrations with those people who can’t get along have an accumulating impact on you.

Stress is an epidemic in modern life.

Hundreds of years ago with these same basic bodies that we have now, people were mainly concerned with having enough food, having a place to get warm when it was cold outside, and growing and caring for families.

Now we’re worried about our financial futures, pandemics, global warming, getting good grades in school, and social pressures and status. Stress affects everyone. Stress leads to disease development and an abundance of what we call subclinical pathology in the body. This means that when your family doctor says all your labs came back fine and within normal ranges, but you feel sick, you probably actually are sick, but not enough to trigger their concern.

In addition to a stress epidemic, combined with our generally poor eating choices, I very often see poor digestion, low energy, low motivation, chronic fatigue, arthritic pain, poor sleep quality, and fertility challenges.

Sometimes you know something is off, but your doctor says you are fine. If you’ve had this experience, you might appreciate our approach and find results through acupuncture treatments.

you deserve to feel at ease.