Wondering if acupuncture is right for you?

Lead your healthiest life.

Patient-centered approach, holistic lifestyle assessment, whole body health.

I know what you're probably thinking.

Everywhere you turn, someone is trying to sell you the latest and greatest new health aid. The last thing acupuncture wants to sell you is something you do not need. If you have not tried this 3000 year old proven therapeutic method for improving and sustaining your health, it’s time you did.

Unlike some medications and unhealthy dependencies, your health stands to improve and possibly thrive over time if you came for acupuncture and liked it enough to depend on regular check ins for your health management. Consider our 15 minute consultation if you are still wondering if acupuncture is for you.

Feel grounded and relaxed.

Clients consistently report feeling more grounded, less stressed, and relaxed after acupuncture treatments. If they come to the clinic with any acute pain, it is often better after a treatment, and even better after a day or two.

Although each client pattern is a bit different, and we can’t say how quickly acupuncture will be effective for you without taking a deep dive into your history and any injuries you have experienced, it's safe to say that acupuncture helps treat almost all health problems.

Acupuncture has been proven to be very effective in treating pain.

In fact we as acupuncturists feel expert in the topic of relieving pain. If you know the reason you are in pain, such as injury or from surgery or illness, it can be helpful to have this background, but the beauty of Chinese Medicine is that it has a strong diagnostic component so we can often determine why mysterious pain has come up.

We also effectively treat headaches, PMS, hot flashes, tiredness, digestive disorders, and have methods to reduce the side effects of necessary therapeutic drugs and chemotherapy.

Hi, I'm Jane!

In treating clients, I use acupuncture, moxa, massage, manipulation, palpation and of course communication.

Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s going wrong when we look at ourselves, but with the help of someone who has seen the pattern before, acupuncture and related methods can get you back to what you want to do much faster then just taking time out and resting.

Rest is also important, but some motion is usually combined with rest for an even faster recovery.

My most favorite activity of all time is mountain biking. I worked in the bicycle industry for many years and cultivated my love of the bicycle through roads and trails, touring and adventuring all over North America.

While I know cycling is not for everyone, I’ve noticed there are lots of other people who also choose to lead and active life after childhood, and many of them need support to stay healthy and happy as their bodies age.

Whether it’s a serious injury or chronic pain from repetitive motion, people who stay active late in life often need someone to help keep them capable and out there.

You will be in the hands of someone who knows just how you feel.

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Feel at ease, relieve the pain, improve quality of life.

If you’ve never had acupuncture, and you’re still either not sure or just simply afraid of needles, please know that the needles we use are nothing like getting a shot at the doctor’s office. Our needles are more like the thickness of a hair, and we have even thinner needles for first time clients so can almost guarantee a pain free treatment experience.

We’re very familiar with the process of getting people used to acupuncture, and of course our 15 minute free consultation is also great for putting your mind at ease.